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Worth it: Apple AirPod

Worth it: Apple AirPod

You see them all over campus, the gift that everyone got for Christmas this year: Apple Airpods.

You can find them everywhere: at the gym, walking back from class, and even in the library. At least where I’m from, when Airpods came out, everyone originally made fun of them and thought they were the stupidest thing to buy. But here we are in 2019, and I am currently writing about them as a trend.

Coming to school this year, the idea of purchasing Airpods did not even cross my mind until I walked on campus. Walking to my classes during the first semester I started to notice that a handful of students actually owned them. One day at the gym I realized that one of my friends owned a pair herself, so I asked her about them. She said that they were hands-down the best purchase she has ever made. This made me very curious about them, so I decided to add them to my Christmas list.

Fortunately on Christmas day, I opened one of my presents to see the glossy plastic box of Apple Airpods. I was quite excited to try them out, after all, they did have a lot of hype. I opened the box to figure out how to charge and connect them. To my surprise, the directions were short and very clear; within five minutes I had my Airpods completely connected to my smartphone.

For the past month I have used my Airpods almost every day: going to the gym, in my room listening to music, calling my parents, and even while writing this article; and here’s what I’ve decided about them:



First of all, you look boujee wearing them around school, I love the sleek look they give off.


When I work out on the treadmill with regular headphones, I have to hold my phone while running so I don’t accidentally rip the cord out of my ears. Now with Airpods, I can put my phone in the water bottle holder and not have to worry about hitting the cord.


I like having my music super loud and I have definitely noticed a difference in how much louder the music plays in the Airpods versus the regular headphones.


I have also noticed a difference in the comfort of the Airpods versus the regular headphones. Using regular headphones, my ears could not take that long before they would start to get very irritated; with the new Airpods, I can keep them in for hours!



It can be super difficult to take them out of their case due to the fact that Apple really sticks them in there. You need to use both hands to pull them out of the case, which can sometimes be difficult if you’re holding something like a purse or your phone.


If you’re someone who misplaces things very frequently, I can honestly tell you to not purchase these. The shell is super small, therefore it can fall between the cracks of your bed and be gone forever. But not only is the shell small, but also the actual headphones. Sometimes you might be in a big rush and forget to put your two headphones back in their shell, which can sometimes cause you to devastatingly lose them forever. If you purchase these, you need to make sure that if you’re not wearing the headphones, you keep them in the shell, and you know where the shell is at all times.

Through debating the pros and cons, I have easily decided that the pros win out the cons. Although they are currently selling on the market for $159.00, I would still say they’re worth it. Before I got them, I expected to be writing this article telling you guys that they are completely not worth it and just a waste of you money; but here we are and somehow they stole my heart. So, if you have a significant other and need a gift for Valentine’s Day, I would tell you that this might be the perfect gift for them!