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Change is Good.

Change is Good.

The end of the semester can be overwhelming. Looking back, part of me feels as if move in day was yesterday… and the other part of me feels like I was lugging boxes into Kostka 9 years ago. Living in the village has been an experience this semester. Pros are definitely it being fun living with most of the sophomores in such close proximity. Cons are that everything is really far away, The Tully, The Guth, The Townhouses… every time I go home I fight with my parents about the amount of Ubers I’ve called this semester (Sorry Mom & Dad, I love you guys). Despite learning a lot this semester, and finally figuring out what I’m studying… the biggest lesson I’ve learned this semester is one of friendship.

No one really ever talks about what I’m about to say but… freshman year the adrenalin of new friends overwhelms you and red flags are pushed to the side because no one wants to be alone. Sophomore fall is the time when every friendship is tested and your true friends are revealed. It’s not an easy time, loosing friends is horrible and realizing people you thought were your ride or dies aren’t can be pretty upsetting. However, the testing of friendships isn’t always a bad thing, and in the long run, you’ll be so much better off.

I truly believe that a true friend is the one who you don’t need to constantly be with. I don’t even have snap chat streaks with my best friends at school, unless we’re at home- why would I have to look at their faces all day when I see them everyday. Every friendship I’ve had where constant communication was necessary, has ended. I have a very close friend group, and while we are all obsessed with each other and all love each other, it has become important for us all to have other friends too. Whether it’s a girl in your Philosophy class who you grab lunch with once a week, or your first friend in FYE– having someone outside your bubble keeps you checked in with reality.

Academically, socially, and physically, it’s been a really long couple of months. I feel like someone is always sick, failing a test, or bickering with a friend/s.o. I cannot possibly thank my best friends more for getting me through this semester. They (you know who you are) haven’t left my side once, and have on multiple occasions literally picked me up when I was down. IOU’s have been given out and thank you’s have been issued- but I’m still just so thankful for them. College is so much fun, but it’s also hard- we’re all growing up and going through such different things and being there for people regardless of what they’re dealing with is a big part of being a friend.

Find your girl gang, the group of people who love you despite everything, and never let them go.


Eleanor Davis, Editor in Chief

special thanks to my girl gang