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Out There Apparel: Redefining What it Means to be a Lifestyle Brand

Out There Apparel: Redefining What it Means to be a Lifestyle Brand

We live in a world where seldom we get to sit back, put our feet up, and appreciate where we are, and how far we have come. Fairfield University student, Anthony Capellupo along with a friend of his, embarked on a journey to create a lifestyle brand encompassing the idea of savoring every moment. Out There Apparel is a brand with a foundation built on fun, laughter, and spending time with the ones in life who truly matter. Out There Apparel’s creation had humble beginnings, just two friends sitting on the beach reminiscing about their summer internships as well as planning a strategic future. 

The two friends thought about what they were talking about that day on the beach and came to the following conclusion; we reminisce on our past, and plan the future, but why not live in the now? This idea of “being free, living in the present, and enjoying the moments” became the embodiment of the brand thus, Out There Apparel was born. 

“Many knew and still know me as the Wall Street type, usually talking stocks and bonds, and spending my free time running the Fairfield Investment Group. But deep down, I felt this emptiness sitting behind a desk while interning. A feeling that I could offer the world a greater gift by sharing a passion and figuring out a way for people to always feel close to the good times, good laughs, or whatever place they feel Out There.” Says Anthony Capellupo, founder of Out There Apparel.

While the brand is still in its infancy, it is gaining traction among waterside locales in and around the tri-state area due to its products being quite different than the bigger headline brands. Customizability and uniqueness are a big draw for Out There Apparel. Several of their current products offer the ability to add custom coordinates, a location of your choice onto them, or even almost fully design a sweatshirt. Most importantly, when you open any package that is being shipped to you, all the items are neatly wrapped and packaged in biodegradable burlap and jute twine. “I want people to feel the whole experience when they open up the package, feel that being out there is a lot closer than they may think,” says Anthony. 

In the coming weeks, Out There Apparel is releasing some long-awaited arrivals including beach washed long sleeve t-shirts and oversized crewneck sweatshirts. All of their t-shirts will also be offered as rugged-looking crop tops specifically cut for each size. With the fall approaching these are some great items to pick up for to still take #OutThere lifestyle where you go. To stay up to date with the brand, join some awesome giveaways, and learn more about getting involved in the brand in different ways, follow Out There Apparel on Instagram @outthere_apparel or check out their site 

What started with a simple idea has turned into a bigger vision, a plan to connect people from all walks of life, all different places, who share one lifestyle. There’s much ahead for this lifestyle brand, so stay tuned. Until then, get out there, go far, and be free… 

-Jacob C. Beam