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Always and Forever

Always and Forever

New Year, new me. Except for the products I love, those stay the same. Certain items I just cannot live without, these are my go to, always in my bag, ride or dies.

  1. Marc Jacobs Noir Night Mascara

    1. This is by far my favorite mascara. I’ve probably tried at least 30 mascaras since I started wearing makeup in 7th grade. I probably didn’t realize how to apply it correctly until 10th grade, and I didn’t find this formula until 13th grade. (not a thing) It took me 6 years, I went through benefit, dior, covergirl, bobbi brown, I’ve really tried everything. This Marc Jacobs mascara is the winner. The formula is light and buildable and really adds length and volume to my lashes. It’s f*cking bomb. Buy it.

  2. Bobbi Brown Pink Sugar Blush

    1. I got this my junior year of high school and it’s really pigmented and glittery so it’s lasted me a long time. It’s a beautiful pink shade and complements my skin tone really nicely.

  3. Dior Maximizer Lipgloss in Beige

    1. Shoutout to the dude at sephora who convinced me to buy this, despite my dislike of lip plumpers. He was completely right, this lip gloss is the best. It makes my lips pillowy, and it’s formula isn’t sticky or heavy.

  4. Glossier Balm dotcom in Cherry

    1. The nostalgia that comes with the smell of this lip balm is enough to make it awesome- however it’s also super hydrating which makes it my favorite. It smells like the cherry italian ice I used to stain my face with while watching my older brothers baseball games growing up.

  5. Glossier Boy Brown

    1. It takes a lot to hold my crazy eyebrows down. Honestly some mornings I wake up and think they have a mind of their own. The anastasia brow gel was too hardening, and the elf brow gel wasn’t enough. Glossier’s boy born which comes in different colors, is perfect for me.

  6. White Ivory Color Lock Shampoo & Conditioner

    1. I get highlights, and because my hair is dark brown, my highlights can become copper colored if not taken care of properly. White Ivory’s shampoo and conditioner is hydrating and keeps my locks looking just the way I like them.

  7. White Ivory Caviar hair mask

    1. Along with White Ivory’s shampoo and conditioner, I love using their hydrating face mask. Their hair mask has caviar oil in it, and the mask leaves my hair silky smooth and shiny.

  8. Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment

    1. I love putting Good Genes’ Lactic Acid treatment on before bed or when I wake up in the morning. My skin instantly looks more radiant. The lactic acid helps your skin naturally create collagen and the formula has aloe and lemongrass which are known to make your skin soothed and radiant.

  9. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

    1. Ok I totally get that this is really expensive and you don’t get much in the container, but this is #worthit and #pointapproved. It’s so hydrating no wonder it’s called magic cream. This moisturizer is insane.

  10. Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser

    1. Glossier’s milk jelly cleanser is my favorite cleanser. Unlike others it doesn’t dry out my skin or leave it feeling tight. It’s packed with skin conditioners that leave my skin soft and clean. It balances your Ph and the jelly formula can be used on dry or wet skin to get rid of all the makeup and pollution left on your face after a long day.

  11. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

    1. This product is a given. I couldn’t live without it, but it’s one of those products you wish you could live without. The pink power that lays on the bottom of the glass container somehow flattens, dries, and minimizes acne.

These 11 products are my absolute favorites of 2018. I hope some of you decide to try these products out!


Eleanor Davis, Editor in Chief