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Pizza Please.

Pizza Please.

I am constantly craving pizza. It’s just the kind of food that I could eat any time, all the time. If we’re being honest, who wouldn’t choose to eat pizza all the time? Growing up in Massachusetts, I believe I was honestly deprived of quality pizza. Boston is known for Seafood– not pizza. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of Pizzeria Regina’s in Boston, but it’s not like the kind of pizza you can get around here. I know all the New Yorkers reading this right now are probably losing their minds, because NeW yOrK hAs ThE bEsT pIzZa… BUT, if I’m being honest, some of the best pizza I’ve had has come from downtown Fairfield. Among the dozens of restaurants in our downtown, you will definitely be able to find a pizza place for your college budget. So, open your eyes to the amazing options Fairfield has to offer, and head downtown to find the best slice of Fairfield!

$ Colony Grill $

If you’re in the mood for pizza, and only pizza, then Colony is the place for you! Not only is the vibe of Colony really great, but so is their menu. For someone like me, who can never decide on what to order, Colony has a very simple menu selection; the only thing you have to think about ordering is the toppings for your pizza. Personally, I love the mushroom pizza, but many of my friends rave about the hot oil and the bacon. The pizza at Colony is unlike anything I’ve ever had– it has a very thin crust and the perfect amount of grease. If you’re looking to devour an entire pizza all to yourself, while only spending $10, then this is the perfect spot! P.S.– Be sure to order a side of their homemade balsamic dressing to dip your crusts. (You can thank me later)

$ Pronto $

Pronto is mostly known for their wraps and salads, but let me tell you– they have some bomb pizza too. I always love going to Pronto because the staff is so friendly, and the restaurant itself is quaint, making it the perfect place to grab lunch with a friend or s/o! Their thin-crust pizza is so delicious, and you can watch it be made over the ledge to the kitchen. Pronto may be underrated, but it has great pizza for a great price. My personal favorite is the Margarita White Pizza, which is only $11 for a small size. What makes this pizza soooo good is the arugula pesto, as well as the fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil. The Buffalo Chicken Pizza ($14) is also a fan-favorite, which is covered in ricotta, mozzarella, buffalo chicken, and bacon, with a drizzle of ranch. Umm, yes please.

$$ Brick & Wood $$

If I’m being honest, when I want pizza, I’m going to Brick & Wood. There’s something about being in Brick & Wood– I just love the rustic decor and welcoming environment, making it the perfect place to spend a night with your girl gang! Not to mention, their pizza is probably the best I’ve had in Fairfield. The pizzas at Brick & Wood are smaller than Colony, but the portions are bigger, which is what I think makes it worth the extra money. I always leave Brick & Wood full, but with plenty of leftovers. My favorite pizza has to be the Pesto Chicken ($16), which is decked in pesto, grilled chicken, and ricotta. I have also tried, and loved, the Pesto Burrata Caprese. This pizza, which is only $16, has a pesto base with mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and burrata. (Are you noticing a theme in my pizza choices? Hint: I freaking love pesto).

$$ Pizzeria Molto $$

Molto is the perfect place to take your family when they’re in town for a visit! In fact, unless you’re 21, it’s the only time you can eat here. Since Molto’s boujee interior has a bar that runs the length of the entire restaurant, technically you can’t enter unless you’re 21 or accompanied by an adult. Nonetheless, it’s a great atmosphere, with even better pizza. My personal favorite is the Pesto Pizza ($16), which is covered in pesto sauce, roasted tomatoes, grilled chicken, and mozzarella. The Balsamico Pizza ($17) is also a great choice; it’s topped with chicken, caramelized onions, and Molto’s very own homemade balsamic reduction. To accompany your pizza, Molto also has a great wine selection– that is if you’re 21, of course.

I know I said I always crave pizza, but I’m craving it even more now. These places are just a few of my faves, but there are so many other great options in the Fairfield area. You might also want to try The Nauti Dolphin or Frank Pepe’s! No matter what, you really can’t go wrong with food in Fairfield… so, Bon Appetit!


Lily Rancatore

Food Restrictions aren't so Restricting: Fairfield

Food Restrictions aren't so Restricting: Fairfield