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Clam Jam with Ciao Bella Fairfield

By Liza Rozenberg

New Jersey, it’s a shore thing

By Kelsey O’Niell

New York, I love you

By Eleanor Davis

Magic in The Hamptons

By Grace Williams

Letter from The Editor,

About a year ago I convinced 6 girls to help me create this magazine. The idea was to provide a platform where our peers could come together, create, and share. A year later, with more than 70 contributors, this magazine is more than I ever thought it would be. I started this magazine on the premise of inclusivity: those featured on our website could be your sister, your roommate, or the girl across the hall. A lot has happened in the past year, but the best parts have been getting to watch others gain confidence through their ever changing voices and seeing relationships grow through this platform. I love this magazine, the people who work on it, the readers, and the supporters. I cannot thank you enough.

All my Love,