Eleanor Davis Editor in Chief and the founder of The Point Magazine. She created TPM because she was lacking a creative outlet and noticed the need for something like this Magazine amongst her peers. Eleanor is from Short Hills, NJ and spends her free time doing art, shopping, hanging with friends, working on TPM, and napping.

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Victoria Savarino is the Co-Creative Director of The Point Magazine. She is currently a sophomore at Fairfield University studying to receive her masters in Mechanical engineering (such a smartie!). She joined the POINT Magazine to become a part of an amazing and creative outlet for college kids. If she could eat one food for the rest of my life it would be Chipotle, and she is immensely in love with her french bulldog named olive.

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Liza Rozenberg is the Co-Creative Director of The Point Magazine. She is a sophomore studying psychology and neuroscience from Hingham, MA. She joined The Point as creative director to become more involved with the creative side of management. In her free time she hangs with her friends, spends time with her younger sister, bartends, and travels.

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Lily Racatore is the Director of Writing and Editing for The POINT Magazine. She joined the POINT team as the Director of Writing and Editing because writing has always been something she’s been passionate about and Lily was looking for a uniqure, creative outlet to express herself. Besides writing, she also always been interested in graphic design and fashion.

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Sally is the face of The POINT Magazine. She is from Manchester by the Sea Massachusetts. She joined TPM because she loves fashion and meeting new people. Sally enjoys hanging out with friends, taking cool pictures, and traveling.



Allison is a writer for The POINT Magazine. She joined the Point because she is very interested in getting more familiar with photography and working with a lifestyle based magazine. Her hobbies include watching TV, going to the beach, and shopping. Her favorite thing about Fairfield is how cute, preppy, and small the town is and it reminds me a lot of where she grew up.

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Abigail Chupein is a sophomore, and a Marketing major. She joined The Point Team as the Director of Photography and Graphic Design. She’s from right outside Villanova, PA. Some of her hobbies include photography, reading, writing, and drawing. She love movies - some of her favorites include Almost Famous, Good Will Hunting, and Grease. Abby joined the Point because she was feeling as though she was lacking in a creative outlet at Fairfield and thought that this would be the perfect thing to fill that gap. What she loves most about Fairfield is the proximity to the beach and all the restaurants the town has to offer.

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Grace is a a sophomore at Fairfield University! She joined the Point because she enjoys writing, fashion, photography, etc. and wants to have the experience of working with all three of those elements. Her hobbies include, reading magazines, shopping, spending time with friends and family, and relaxing on the beach! She loves Fairfield because it is a perfect college town with tons of restaurants and shops that are enjoyed by Fairfield University students. Grace also loves how Fairfield is on the beach and how similar it is to my home town!

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Lauren Titone is from Westchester, NY. She is currently a sophomore at Fairfield University. She is majoring in communication and minoring in marketing. She joined The Point because she absolutely loves fashion and photography. In her free time, Lauren enjoys painting, drawing, and hanging out with friends and family. Lauren loves movies, especially Disney movies! Her favorite thing to do in Fairfield is try new restaurants, go to the beach, and shop till she drops!

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Kelsey O’Neill co-runs TPM’s VSCO account alongside being a writer for TPM. Kelsey is a sophomore double majoring in communications/Public Relations at Fairfield University. She is from New Jersey and enjoys hanging out with friends, eating pizza, and online shopping. She also considers herself a pasta enthusiast, gnocchi being her favorite.

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caroline chapman

Caroline Chapman is a writer for The Point Magazine. She is currently a Junior at Fairfield University studying Journalism and Public Relations. Caroline is from Ridgefield, CT and spends her free time indulging in just about any true crime series out there. In the summer however, you can find her losing her voice in Yankee Stadium (a very loyal fan). She joined TPM because it’s an ideal platform for creative expression.

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sarah macedonio

Sarah is a sophomore at Fairfield University and studying International Business. She enjoys playing sports, such as lacrosse and tennis, the beach (how could you go to Fairfield U and not love the beach?!), and spending time with friends. She loves fashion and shopping so The Point Magazine gives her the perfect opportunity to express her passion.


jacob beam

Jacob is from Monmouth County, New Jersey. He is a Finance Major with a Minor in History. His passion for food and travel flourished in being born into a large italian family. Jacob is an aspiring Hedge Fund manager although his passion for the arts, culture, music, and food may eventually dissuade his future Wall Street career. Jacob enjoys spending time in New York shopping on 5th, lounging at Soho House, and dining at some of New York's best and undiscovered restaurants. Jacobs hobbies include fishing, hanging with friends, and travel.

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Angelica Miceli-Kaya is a writer for The POINT Magazine. She is from Long Island, NY, and spends most of her time walking on the beach, chasing the sunset. She is currently a sophomore at Fairfield University and is an English and Sociology double major on the pre-law track. She’s a fun and spunky writer who enjoys making people laugh. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and will do anything for a good pun. Her hobbies include watching Netflix and napping, although she does enjoy reading a book every now and then.

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Peyton Olechna is the Director of Marketing for The POINT Magazine. She is from the quaint town of Simsbury, CT and is a sophomore marketing major at Fairfield University. Peyton joined The Point because of her love for fashion and creativity. Her hobbies include lots of online shopping, tanning at the beach, and kicking around the soccer ball with family and friends.

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Anna silvia

Anna Silvia is a writer for The Point Magazine. She is a sophomore majoring in psychology and minoring in health studies and Italian studies. She joined TPM because she loves creative writing and wanted to share her ideas with her peers. Anna is from Richmond, RI and spends her free time on a beach (literally anywhere), binge watching criminal minds, trying funky new foods with friends, and playing volleyball.

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Jordan chicoski

Jordan is a writer for The POINT magazine and joined because she has always had a passion for fashion and lifestyle which is everything that The POINT embodies. She is currently a Sophomore studying Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience. In her free time she enjoys binge watching youtubers and pimple popping videos (future derm over here!), and spending time with her beautiful bff’s.

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Meghan Bouvier

Meghan Bouvier co-runs TPM’s VSCO as well as contributing to marketing and writing for the magazine on occasion. She is a sophomore at Fairfield University majoring in Marketing. Not a day goes by when she doesn’t wish she could be strolling down the beaches of her beloved home, in Cape Cod with warm sand between her toes and a salty breeze through her hair. She is a “Masshole”, originally from Grafton MA and is the oldest of 3 girls. Her hobbies include travel, downtime with friends and family, skiing and any plans that involve food. She enjoys art, creative minds and confident style. She thinks TPM is an amazing way to connect with, learn from, and impact others in ways that otherwise may not have been possible.

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