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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


Bellow you will find the words of you and your peers. Anonymous love letters written to unrequited loves, best friends, exes, and the ones who got away. Enjoy reading and if you submitted a letter, thank you. Every voice deserves to be heard.

All of our Love,

The Point Magazine Team


You have taught me compassion, honesty, and true friendship. You have been there for the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows. You are always there to make me smile and laugh until my stomach hurts. You are always there with a shoulder to cry on, or with open arms to sob in. You are some of the only people who I truly feel comfortable with and who I let see the real me. We have lived some of the best moments of our lives together, and we’re only just getting started. You have taught me what love is– what it means to love and what it means to be loved– and I can not thank you enough. Love, L


I know it was you and I want them back.


It isn’t just today that I think about how much you mean to me. For us, Valentine's day is everyday. I’m here to show you what you mean to me. You changed my life. You opened my heart and showed me how to be me and how to love with everything I have. You taught me how to love unconditionally and for that I am forever grateful. Without you my life would be boring. You bring the light to my life that I was always missing. You bring out the best in me, the part of me that I never even knew I had. Life without you wouldn’t be my life. Through it all, you have never failed me, continue to amaze me with how much you truly care about me and most importantly: us. Not just today but everyday you should know how special you are and how much you mean to me. You are my better half and everyday I love you that much more. I could go on for pages and pages but you know how I feel.

I love you always.


It’s been months now since we’ve been ourselves. By ourselves I mean long nights spent spilling our hearts out to each other- driving around blasting old songs- dancing our hearts out together. We were the best of friends and together there was truly nothing we couldn’t accomplish. Plans for the future were talked not like dreams but like reality. You really meant everything to me. People would ask me about it and if it was something more and my response was humble. You were my best friend. I think we both knew it was more but neither of us wanted it to be. You could’ve probably been my soulmate but decisions made without me ended it before we had the chance to figure it out. You moved on and forgot to tell me. I guess you didn’t have to because it’s not like we were together. I just wish you would’ve told me- all of a sudden I was alone. There I was in the middle of a room filled with people I loved dancing and laughing around me. I danced. I laughed. But I really just wanted to dance and laugh with you. You were in the room dancing and laughing but you weren’t the guy I fell completely and stupidly in love for all those months earlier for. I’ve been mourning the disappearance of my best friend while watching him live a life without me- and that’s really sucked. Thank you for the best of times. For calling me beautiful. For understanding my flaws and insecurities. I let you in and you tore me apart. I don’t know what the future holds for me now but in a way I’m more excited because I know now- alone I can do more than I could with you. You will always have a piece of my heart, but it wasn’t given to you- it was torn out.

-Not your girl anymore


It’s funny because you didn’t know I ever had feelings. You still don’t. I hid them so deep, you never even suspected. I hid them so deep, I didn’t even realize how real they were. Our friendship was something I was missing in my life; you were someone I never knew I needed. I wanted something more, but you were blind to it. I spent nights crying over you. I felt lost and confused. All I wanted to do was talk to you, but I couldn’t. For months, I pushed my feelings down deeper and deeper– until I sunk down with them. I crashed and burned at your expense. I hit the lowest of my lows. I was a fool for you. I cared about you so much, but I’m over you now. You hurt me without knowing it, but you also made me stronger. While crying over you, I found strength in myself– strength I never knew I had. I picked myself up when I thought I had been pushed down for good. So I guess I have you to thank, because you made me realize what I deserve. I wasted my time loving you, and now I know not to make the same mistake with someone else.

Sincerely, You’ll never know.


I saw your new girls insta post wishing you a happy birthday. I hope it fucking sucked.


You are so important to me, even though we fight all the time like sisters. I do not say it enough, but I am so insanely grateful for our friendship and how we have been best friends for about 6 years now. Thank you for not only bringing out the best in me, but also being my shoulder to cry on and hand to hold during the tough times. Thank you for being my best hype woman and my person. As Cristina Yang said about Meredith Grey, “She’s my person. If I murdered someone she’s the person I’d call to help me drag the corpse across the living room floor.” High school would not have been the same without you and I will never forget all of our great memories together. Through it all you were my partner in crime and things would be so different if you never came into my life. You will always be my best friend even though we are away at different colleges. Distance definitely has no affect on our friendship; we can go weeks without talking and we can pick up right where we left off which is special. I miss you as always bff.

Love, Your best friend.


You don’t understand what you meant to me. What started out as an innocent friendship, soon turned to one of the few sources of happiness for me. Our story isn’t a long painful one but a short meaningful one. Your timing was impeccable. You swooped in during a time that I felt I was drowning. I had felt myself slipping deeper into the water and I thought no one noticed. I was completely invisible, but then you saw me. You pulled my head above water. I had finally felt like myself for the first time in a long time. Every smile, every snapchat melted my heart. But you put up this façade so that people couldn’t see that side of you. But I saw you. You are genuinely kind hearted, caring, and funny. I cared for you instantly. Our first kiss was soft and gentle and I never wanted it to end. You were so calming that I could’ve stayed in your arms for hours. As I felt myself falling, I was so grateful for the distance break brought us. I was terrified of what I could feel for you, especially when the rumors that you were a player kept getting thrown at me. But they never saw that warm, caring side of you. Coming back to school put me in a panic. What was this? Part of me wanted to shut it all down to protect myself from getting hurt. But another part just wanted to be loved by you. It was a roller coaster of emotions. But the second we were together I was at ease. And then you kissed me and I was hit by a train of emotion: the confusion, the doubt, the love. You asked me what we were and I wanted to tell that I was yours but I hesitated. Why did I hesitate? I let you take the lead and you said friends. Just friends. Maybe you were scared of your feelings for me or maybe they didn’t exist at all. As a million thoughts raced through my head, I put on smile and agreed that’s what was for the best but I didn’t believe my own words. I kept smiling because it was all I could do to stop the tears. I was back to not being enough. But I don’t need to be enough for you. I just need to be enough for me. I’m starting to swim on my own now. So here’s the thing boy, as much as I wanted you, I realize that you just aren’t it for me because you are just a boy. I deserve a man. I want someone that knows who he is and is not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve. I know that I am strong and beautiful and I will be okay. So thank you for reminding me to keep swimming, but I can take it from here.

From, The one that got away


At one point you were my everything. You were my best friend, my love, my rock. You helped me through some of the hardest times in my life and I will forever be grateful for that. But you took advantage of me. You took me for granted. I did everything for you, but you never put me first. I know my worth now and I know I deserve better. Being my first love, you will always have a special place in my heart and part of me will always love you. But I have finally fallen out of love with you. I can focus on loving myself. I’m different now. I’m not the same innocent girl from high school. I’ve grown and matured. I’m a little more rough around the edges but that’s okay. I will still be here for you if you need me because that’s who I am but it’s time to truly let go of each other so that we can both find the happiness we deserve. So thank you for being my first love and for showing me that I deserve better.

Love, The girl you used to know


I don’t know if you’ll ever understand, but I adore you. You make me laugh and smile so much. I can’t help but smile getting a text or snap from you. Whether its spending time in your room or you coming to visit me, I’m always so happy when you’re around. You’re super quirky, but it’s what makes you, you. Please stay the way you are because theres no one like you. You’re one of my best friends and I don’t think I ever want to change that.

Sending you love and video games today xo


You are the nicest boy I know with the biggest heart. You have never failed to include me and make me feel welcome. You “Hey — how you doing” when you pass by gets me every time. Before I forget to mention, your hugs are the best around. You’ve had a rough year both personally and school wise. I wanted to reach out so bad and ask how you are doing, but I was afraid what certain people might think. We became distant for a while, not interacting as much because of our schedules, but now we’ve been hanging out a lot recently. I forgot how much I missed you. You are one of the sweetest people and best story tellers. I could listen to you recount your good times for hours. I honestly don’t know what I want from this friendship, I just know that it is something I definitely needed. I hope this spontaneous burst of friendship doesn’t wind down, but keeps going. Thanks for being so loving and kind.

So much love, the girl down the hall.


Thank you for being my best friend for so long first. I was going through so much senior year and you held my hand through it all. You liked me for so long but waited until I was ready for a relationship. We spent an amazing summer together. Nights spent watching movies, days spent at the beach and by the pool, it was so much fun. It was the summer fling everyone wants- but to you I wasn’t a summer fling. You loved me so much it nearly broke me. I didn’t understand the love you had for me because at the time I didn’t love myself. I’m sorry that I couldn’t give you the love you so deserved. I hope you find someone who loves you.

All the best


You were one of the few things about that crappy grocery store job which made putting on my cashier’s apron worth it each weekend. Between having to deal with all of the angry or confused customers to having to grab the shopping carts from the parking lot on snowy days, your smiling face and goofy jokes were all I needed to get through the day. And to top it all off, you put up with all of my stupid antics, too. We worked together for a few months before you slid into my twitter dm’s (super romantic) and we started talking. I really thought things were looking up, until one day you just stopped responding. Of course, we still saw each other at the store every weekend, but there was no explanation as to why the communication outside of work completely stopped on your part. It only took two of my girlfriends and ten minutes of social media stalking to figure out that you started dating a girl from your school. That was a great wake up call. For the month and a half that we talked every day, I genuinely believed that it could have led to us being more than friends, but I was wrong. I still had a smile on my face each weekend at work, and nothing seemed to change between us there, which made the fact that you had a girlfriend even harder. And for whatever reason, you showed up at two of my track meets toward the end of the year. You talked to me for an hour and watched my event, even though no one you knew was competing in the event that I threw in. After you quit working at the store, I finally felt like I could move on from the stupid crush that I developed. I still see pictures of you and your new girlfriend pop up on my feed every now and then, and it just reminds me of how happy I was when we worked together. You weren’t the first guy I liked and you definitely won’t be the last, but there is something so unfinished about our friendship/potential relationship, and I know I’ll never have the answer to why you didn’t choose me.

Love, Me


I would’ve addressed this letter mentioning your sport being cute like “dear baseball boy” or “dear lacrosse boy” but you would’ve guessed who this psycho girl is writing you an anonymous letter. You don’t know me, but you know of me. I don’t know you as well, but have heard a lot about you. We always make distant eye contact and I catch your occasional gaze across the Tully, but maybe I’m just imagining it. We’ve bumped into each other at parties or between classes, but we’ve never actually interacted. We lived in the same building freshman year and there were so many times I wanted to come up and introduce myself, but those moments passed so quickly I never had the chance. I’m thinking I missed my chance to know you, but I really hope I didn’t. Good luck in the upcoming season you D1 athlete. Heres to finally meeting you–– Love, a girl with a huge crush.


You are without a doubt the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. You have given me the best years of my life, filled to the brim with enough laughter, support, and love to last several lifetimes. You have always inspired me to strive to be my best self by instilling unbelievable faith in me, and supporting me in no matter what I choose. To be lucky enough to call you my best friend and soul mate is a privilege that I swear never to take for granted. It’s been an amazing journey and I am beyond excited for what our incredible future holds. I will love you always.

Love, Your best friend


Although you never dated, you guys were the best couple around. You hung out with each other constantly, snapped and texted endlessly. You were the best guy friend everyone needed. As her friends we gazed and couldn’t wait for the moment you guys would finally get together. Finishing each others sentences and topping off each others drinks, how could you not end up together. You guys were practically the same person. She talked about you a lot too, but always ended those rants with, “but we’re just friends, I don’t like him like that”…. but oh yes she did like you like that. So much. we could all see it. I wish I had come up to you then and as you if you felt the same about her, but we weren’t friends like that yet. I wish I had asked because boy, she spent so much time and energy thinking about you. Although you can say its her fault for not trying to reach out herself to find out, you can also argue you led her on. Throughout your friendship, you continued to get with many girls, a new one practically every other weekend, but you clearly showed you prioritized my best friend. She wasn’t having fun? You made the party better. Finished her drink? You immediately got her another. She feels sick? You would drop your conversation and go over to take care of her. We heard all about your guys’ convos, moments, interactions— we saw them all too. Over the summer we all continued our friendship just like before, but we got to school and you changed. We noticed, she noticed, I noticed. You seem distant. We didn’t see you as much and when we did you weren’t there. You’d be sitting in the corner of the room but your head was elsewhere. Most importantly, you dropped my best friend. No longer a priority, thats understandable. No longer a friend to her? Not ok. You knew how much she depended on your friendship and love. She would reach out checking in on you, but you wouldn’t answer. She was concerned, but you shut her out. Looking from the outside, it was a sad to see how your guys friendship turned out. If you were wondering how she’s doing, my bestie would say she’s moved on. I would say, she’s still trying to get over your friend-break-up. She thinks back to the good times you guys had before you changed. The other day she almost texted you, missing seeing your name in a notification. We all hope you’re doing well and have noticed we don’t come over anymore. But maybe you don’t notice because you never actually cared for all of our friendships? Either way. I hope you find yourself again. I hope you never treat a friend like that ever again and understand you’ll never have the privilege of calling my best friend your best friend ever again. You lost her. You probably won’t read this, but I thought I’d share my thoughts on your guys friendship.

Sincerely, your old best friend’s, best friend.

It's a Sister SCANDAL.

It's a Sister SCANDAL.

Way more than a ski trip- Snow Jam

Way more than a ski trip- Snow Jam