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It's a Sister SCANDAL.

It's a Sister SCANDAL.

Whether or not you are a loyal sister or an OG Tati fan, everyone is talking about the very pubic fight between Tati Westbrook and James Charles. If you have never heard of these names before, I’m questioning if you live under a rock. James and Tati are both part of the beauty community on YouTube and have been friends since the beginning of James’ career in 2015.  Since then, James has blown up the internet and gained 16 mil+ subscribers on YouTube. Tati, on the other hand, has been posting on YouTube for 9 years . This made Tati an OG in the beauty community.

Now if you’re like me, you’re probably wondering what exactly happened, so I’m going to lay it out for you. This all started when James pushed Tati past her breaking point during Coachella weekend two. James arrived to weekend two with a group of friends, very last minute and with VIP passes (which are accessible to the GA). When he arrived, he realized that there was a potential safety issue with his tickets, but it was way too late to upgrade. (Now this is where the story gets a little fishy to me). Originally, James had said that the vitamin brand, Sugar Bear Hair, offered him security, but now he is pulling receipts showing that he actually reached out to them. In exchange for security, James would have to sign a contract with their company. This doesn’t seem too out of the ordinary, especially since you see celebs, like Kim K and Vanessa Hudgens, promoting the same product. The problem that Tati had with this is that her vitamin brand, Halo, is a direct competitor to Sugar Bear Hair. When James signed that contract, he demolished the friend code.

Personally, I have been subscribed to Tati for a very long time, so when I saw her ranting on social media, I knew this wasn’t like her and she was very hurt. A little while later, she came out with a video titled “BYE SISTER,” which she has taken down since then. In that video, she explained the whole Sugar Bear Hair dilemma, but she also brought up how James had been pushing her buttons for a very long time. While explaining how James is meant to be a good role model for all of his young viewers, she accused him of basically being a predator to straight boys. This is NOT good and fresh if you know what I’m saying! This is a very serious accusation that shocked the public. Immediately James Charles was CANCELLED.

A few hours after Tati’s video was uploaded, James came out with his apology video. Which, in my opinion, was pathetic and didn’t help his case at all. It seemed very staged and like he was just doing damage control, and thus came the memes and the loss in subscribers. Everyone was talking about the fall of James Charles. Sisters everywhere were destroying their pallets and burning merch just to prove a point. In just a few hours, James Charles was losing millions of followers, while Tati was gaining millions.

About a week went by with not a peep from either side, until Tati posted a video saying she wanted the hate to stop and that she did not post her video about James out of hate; she posted it because it was her last resort. The next day, James posted his side of the story, titling his video “NO MORE LIES,” and thanked Tati for wanting the hate to stop. In this video, James defended himself and explained the situation with the boys and Coachella weekend two. His overall stance was that he had never done anything without consent, and that he in fact is still a virgin, so it’s not like he is forcing himself onto straight males. Every boy mentioned in Tati’s video had spoken their side of the story, and from what I could tell, neither Tati nor James could call out someone’s sexuality. In James’ video, he also mentions that “Tati’s friend Jeffree” (referring to Jeffree Star, another youtuber in the makeup community, who had a friendship with James) had been verbally abusing him through text.
This accusation lit a fire in Jeffree, so he too posted a video about this situation, but instead of exposing others, he took the high road and explained how he just wanted this all to be over. If I’m being honest, I was living for this drama and was very disappointed Jeffree didn’t lay it all on the table, but I respect his decision.

Overall this beef shook the beauty community and their subscribers. Everyone was affected by this but most severely was James and Tati, obviously. Before the video was first posted James had 16 mil subs and since then he has been losing them. He dropped down to 13 mil subs at his lowest and is slowly growing back his following. Tati on the other hand started with around 8 mil and since she has risen to 10 mil.  In my opinion this is a really sad way to reach 10 mil subs. When she gets her plaque from youtube congratulating her, she will always be reminded of this horrible fight between her and James.

Now that you have the scoop and the whole situation has simmered down, I want to know your thoughts on this Sister Scandal: do you believe James? Did you unsubscribe? Team Tati or team James? Head to our insta @fairfieldpoint and let us know your thoughts.

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