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It’s cold outside, freezing cold–reading days begin in a few, but the only thing on your mind is….


(you + your friends + christmas) 

SantaCon, in simplest terms, is a tradition of people coming together dressed up as Santa Claus (duh) and other holiday characters in various cities. The largest being held in New York, is only a train ride away. However, I highly recommend sticking around and experiencing Santacon, Fairfield style. Regardless of where it happens, SantaCon is the most drunk, fun, and hilarious, christmas event where people come together dressed in fun costumes and outfits.

At FairfieldU, however, don’t feel pressured to wear a full on Santa costume,

but don’t let anyone stop you though….


You can wear practically anything to SantaCon, you do you, but people tend to stick with the red and green Christmas-theme of the event.

Some typical outfits include leggins + xmas sweaters

xmas onesie

themed PJs

santa claus costume

xmas 3-piece-suits

and so much more

Here are some options you can find at the mall


Forever 21


Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 9.52.01 AM.png

Other places to look:

Amazon –make sure you get 2-day shipping with Prime! (everyone gets prime through using an email ending in .edu)

Home Depot– I know it’s shocking, but between the potted plants and chainsaws you’ll find Christmas sweaters.

Marshalls– you’ll always find what you’re looking for at Marshalls

Don’t have time to shop? Don’t want to spend money? Lazy?

Switch with a friend! People will most likely not wear the same outfit twice, let alone post on insta in the same outfit.


Hot Chocolate


Peppermint Smirnoff

or just Hot Chocolate


Boxed Eggnog and Rum

Apple cider

Hot or cold apple cider with Fireball

Or just your favorite drink

* TPM does not recommend underage drinking. It’s illegal.


BUNDLE UP: As mentioned before, its going to be cold, especially near the water. Please stay warm– gets some gloves (hand warmers are also a genius idea), scarfs, hats OH! hats → santa hats. With the cold, also comes chapped lips and cracked skin: moisturize well and bring chapstick!

SAFETY: If G-Force is present, don’t fight or argue. Please be polite. Also respect the Senior’s homes; Treat it the same way you will want your beach house treated when you live on the point senior year.

EAT: eat before or eat after, either way, gets some good food in town... Colony Grill is always a good place for a quick bite

It’s Christmas time baby-

 celebrate in Fairfield style

have fun, stay safe, capture the memories, and get in the holiday spirit

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

xo Liza

Way more than a ski trip- Snow Jam

Way more than a ski trip- Snow Jam

Snow Jammin'

Snow Jammin'