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Spring Break? It’s in the Bag!

Spring Break? It’s in the Bag!

Spring break is just around the corner– and as we are finishing up our travel plans, and starting those spring break workout sessions at the gym, the next big thing to think about is packing!

Whether you are going somewhere warm and tropical, or touring around Europe, packing light and not having to worry about your bags makes your trip that much better! Unfortunately, it is too common that checked luggage gets lost in transit from one place to another, not to mention sometimes checked bags can be very expensive. This is my biggest fear when traveling. My past two spring break trips I have traveled to Europe with ONLY a carry-on. Yes, this is a 22 x 14 x 9 inch bag that fits everything I need for a 10 day trip around Europe. When my friends and I first decided we were only going to bring carry-on bags, I thought it would be totally impossible for me to fit everything in one small bag. I thought my shoes alone would take up one bag! I was scared I would have to sacrifice fashion for the ease of not checking a bag, but that wasn’t the case. Through two years of practice, I think I have finally got down how to travel simply and not compromise my style.

The first thing that is crucial to packing light is to look up the weather for the time you are traveling. Knowing the weather will make it easy to decide whether you need to be packing heavy or light clothes. I always wear a jacket on the plane that I know I will wear again throughout the week, that way I save some room in my bag. The hardest part about packing one bag is having to leave behind clothes you love. What helps me the most when packing light is planning out every outfit for every day of my vacation. This may sound crazy, but it makes it clear what you need for your trip, and what you can leave behind. Even if you don't know your itinerary, it helps to prepare a variety of outfits. This will allow you to know what you need. Once I put all my outfits together, I put them into separate plastic bags, so it saves room in my bag. In the bag I put socks and underwear too, so when the day comes to wear that outfit, I have everything I need. I put a little post-it note to remind me what is inside, and which day I wanted to wear the outfit. I usually mark the bags based on the number of days, so that I know I have something to wear each day. Putting your outfits into ziploc bags also saves so much room in your carry-on for things like shoes and makeup!

Many airlines allow you to travel with one “personal item,” so this also helps you avoid checking a bag. I usually bring my MZ-Wallace tote because it is the perfect size and can fit a lot of stuff. In this bag, I put my makeup and a backup outfit, just to have handy with me throughout the flight. Putting clothes into your purse is also a good way to be able to fit everything without having to check a bag!

A downfall to only packing a carry-on is the restriction on liquids. An easy solution to this is buying the travel size bottles for your liquids. I use these for my foundation, shampoo/ conditioner, and any other liquids that I need right in my carry on. This spring break, to save even more room, I am going to just buy as many toiletries as I can at my destination so I don't have to take up more space in my bag.

Only bringing a carry-on might sound impossible to some, but if you pack right and plan out what you will need, you won't have to worry about baggage fees, or the fear of lost luggage! It is such a relief getting off the plane and not having to wait for your bag going around the conveyor belt. Instead, you can get to paradise much faster!

Happy Spring Break!!

Love always,

Krystal Shaw

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