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Late Late Night (Routine) W/ Jor

Late Late Night (Routine) W/ Jor

I think we can all agree that the best time of the day is when classes are over, homework is done (or not done, if you’re a procrastinator like me) and there’s nothing left standing between you and binge watching your favorite show on Netflix. My late night binge is always Gossip Girl, which I’m currently watching for like the 5th time… but who’s counting?

Anyways, there are very few things I look forward to more than taking off all of my makeup after a long day of classes. I wear mascara everyday, and it can definitely take a toll on my lashes. So, my new favorite pre-shower product has been Clinique’s Take the Day Off Balm. I’ll take about a nickle size on my hands and begin rubbing away my mascara– a little goes a very long way with this product.

Once I find my way into the shower, I cleanse my face with my holy grail, Cetaphil Face Wash, which is great if you have oily skin. I’ve had a lot of trial and error with face washes claiming they are for “oily skin” and have yet to find one that matches up to Cetaphil.

After I finish up in the shower I get into my bathrobe, throw my hair up, and finish the rest of my skin care routine. I like to use an alcohol free toner to make sure I’m not drying my face out too much– Neutrogena has done the job for me. I go over my face a few times with that, just to make sure there’s no excess makeup still on the surface of my skin. Next, the moisturizer that has changed my life. If you’ve ever struggled with oily skin, you may have wanted to skip moisturizing because all it ever does is make you more oily. However, moisturizing is probably one of the most crucial steps in a skin care routine, even if you have oily skin. I use Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, and let me tell you, it is a life changer. When I use this moisturizer, I take about 2 pumps and massage it into my face and neck– don’t forget the neck ladies!

If it’s a stressful week, aka finals, and I’m breaking out, Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion is my go to (Thanks Lil)! I just use a Q-tip to dab some anywhere I have blemishes forming, then off to bed!

Happy moisturizing ladies!

With Love,


Everyday Makeup for the Sleepy Girl

Everyday Makeup for the Sleepy Girl