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Foggy Island, Nantucket

Foggy Island, Nantucket

School is about to start, so instead of looking back on all the amazing trips you had this summer with tears in your eyes, snap out of it and do the only thing that is right. Plan for next summers trips, because I mean what else would you be doing in class! (kidding do your work). Instead of stalking travel vlogs trying to guess what place would be the best I am just gonna go ahead and tell you where to go, you can thank me later, or now, whatever you want!

Nantucket, an island off of Massachusetts is the epitome of summer in one place. Since I was four I have traveled here every summer and has it has never disappointed. This is not just because of the beaches (which of course are amazing), but the food is realllly good, and of course very instagramable, which is something I know you were all super worried about. Now time to actually give you the dets.



Downy Flakes is a cute breakfast location that might look like any other diner you have been anywhere, except the Donut sing on the outside should give you a hint it's much different than others. While all the food here is good, I would suggest the bacon egg and cheese on an english muffin. But you can't let that fill you up because the best part is the donuts. While you can get one with your meal I usually get a half a dozen to go (relax, they are not all for me). From the chocolate, coconut, to sugar, you can't go wrong with these donuts, and you also can't just have one they are so addicting.

Location: Mid Island

Lemon Press is for those that are all about that healthy lifestyle, while still actually wanting to enjoy the food they are eating. This place is full of healthy options from acai bowls and pressed juice to smoothies and avocado toast (you can already see the iphones out everywhere just snapping pics of these meals). I would suggest the avocado or smoked salmon toast, but it's hard to choose just one thing. Oh and if your 21 their drink menu is super impressive and very popular. 

Location: Nantucket town


Something Natural is the best bakery and sandwich shop to bless planet earth. Okay that might be a little dramatic but you can not be on an island and not stop here. The baked goods are homemade every day and so is the porchagese bread (which I can't even get into). My go to order is the roast beef with sprouts, swiss cheese, carrots, and mayo on (you can guess) the porchagese bread, which is handcrafted by god himself. I usually get the half because the sandwiches are huge, but you always gotta cop a chocolate chip cookie for after.

Location: near town on Cliff Road

 Millies is the perfect place for a destination lunch (or dinner), being less than a block from Madaket beach, the  smell of the ocean is still in the air on top of all the greta smells of Millies food. I always start off with the alter rock which is a plate with queso, guac and salsa with corn tortillas, which honestly no one can say no to. The menu is stacked with so many great meals for whatever your feeling, from tacos to salads. While there is also the take out menu which has one of my favorite things, the Nobadeer sandwich, which is like a thanksgiving meal all in between two pieces of white bread. (another place that has a very competitive thanksgiving sandwich is Provisions in town on the wharf)


Oath pizza is a need when your on island with every pizza being made in front of you, and you get to choose your own toppings. There are so many good pizzas it's hard to choose one, but whichever you get it will taste like heaven. The dough tasted like fried dough and on top of how good it tastes and looks the view you have while eating is so good, so make sure your phone is fully charged for lots of pics. 

Location: on the Wharf

Cru a restaurant near oath is more upscale, meaning this is the place to show off your best outfit with great photo ops of the harbor out the window. This place is always crowded from lunch to dinner, and with the option of outside dining also. While it's more pricey than the other places mentioned, the food is worth it. I would suggest the Nantucket Lobster Roll, but you really can't go wrong with anything.

Location: on the Wharf


The Juice Bar is all you ever wanted and more from ice cream. Again you might think im being dramatic, but I am really not lying. The smell of the homemade waffle cones wafs through the streets and brings a really big crowd, meaning the earlier you go to better with the wait sometimes being an hour! But once you get your ice cream you cant really complain about the wait. I usually get two scoops of chocolate ice cream with rainbow sprinkles in the waffle cone but every flavor is a hit. The one thing you have to get is the waffle cone, when I tell you it's going to be one of the best things you have ever eaten I mean it.

Location: in town

While these are just a few of my favorite food places in Nantucket there are a lot more incredible places to eat on the island, so go exploring and try new places! Every summer new spots pop up and surprise everyone.


If you are in Nantucket and not going to the beach, what are you really doing. And no I won't let you use the excuse of eating, cuz there is always time for the beach. The best part of the beaches in ack is there is not just one, meaning you can switch it up everyday and never get bored. 

Cisco beach is known as one of the main beaches for the surfers on island, so if that's you, this is the place for you, and if not, don't worry, you're still welcome. Anyone this wants to catch a wave on island comes to Cisco because the Atlantic ocean brings in the best waves. There is also a snack shack and a surfing lesson company camped out on the beach, meaning you don't have to be a pro to grab a wetsuit and board and hop in.  

Madaket beach is another top beach on the island, with lots of tourists and locals filling the sandy area. On top of it having relaxed waves for anyone to swim in, its a block away from Millies (the amazing restaurent written about above). This beach is also a fav for sunset pics as it always has the best view so you have to check it out for golden hour!!!

Jetties beach is on the Nantucket harbour meaning there are not many waves, which usually attracts families with younger kids, but it's still a beach you have to visit. The view is so pretty with lots of boats passing by and the best place on island to kayak or paddleboard. Also can't forget the restaurant located on the beach which is great for lunch and also packed for dinner. 

While these beaches are my fav, there are lots more to go to. So what to really take away from all of this is no matter what beach you go to in ack, you just really won't be able to complain. Now start getting ready to use this list for your next trip!!!!

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