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Ipsy, the push you need.

Up until recently, I never really liked to experiment with my makeup. I was always one to stick to the basics– foundation, a little bit of concealer, nude eyeshadow, mascara, and nude lips. I rarely ever switched up my makeup look, mostly because I didn’t feel like I had enough beauty experience to do so. Although I still like to stick to nudes and naturals, I have recently become much more comfortable taking risks with my makeup, and trying looks that are more bold. Last weekend, I wore purple eyeshadow out with my friends… purple eyeshadow. At this time last year, I never would have done something like that. I know to a lot of people being bold with their makeup isn’t a huge deal, but for someone like me, who is rather reserved and doesn’t like a lot of attention, it was a big step. You might be wondering why I suddenly had the urge to start experimenting with my makeup, and I have one word for you– Ipsy.

I first found Ipsy from watching a variety of YouTubers, and all they did was rave about how amazing it was. If this is the first time you’re hearing about Ipsy, then let me break it down for you. Ipsy is a monthly subscription service, where each month you get sent five personalized beauty products, picked perfectly just for you, in an adorable glam bag. When you become an “Ipster,” the first thing you do is take a personalized beauty quiz, that way your monthly products are matched perfectly to your skin type, hair and eye color, and makeup skill. You can always go back and change your answers to the quiz, but Ipsy is sure to send you products that match your preferences– you can even make suggestions regarding the types of products you want to receive in your monthly glam bag!

And get this– your monthly glam bag only costs $10 each month. $10. Honestly, this is an amazing deal for a monthly subscription service, especially when you’re receiving high-end beauty products and full size items. I have been subscribed to Ipsy for about two years now, and not only do I have a new collection of makeup bags, but I have truly found new products that I love. I received an Essence Eyeshadow Primer in my Ipsy bag once, and I have re-bought the product twice now. I also found one of my favorite blushes through my Ipsy bag– the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Quirky. Ipsy also has a variety of products you can buy straight from their website, including everything you receive in your monthly glam bag! Another feature that I love about Ipsy is that you can review every product you receive. Through these reviews, you can earn points, which can get you free bonus items in your glam bag– but, more importantly, Ipsy stores your ratings of brands and products and takes them into account when putting together your future glam bags.

Before I subscribed to Ipsy, I did a ton of research on a variety of subscription boxes. After comparing prices and products between Ipsy and other services, like BirchBox, I found that Ipsy was significantly cheaper and, honestly, I think it’s a better company too. The creators of Ipsy actually care about their customers, which is why every Ipster receives a personalized glam bag. With each glam bag being unique to every customer, you have the ability to try new things and experiment with makeup in different ways. Through Ipsy, I truly found a way to express myself through makeup– something I probably wouldn’t have done otherwise.

Ipsy gave me the push I needed to be bold with my makeup, and I hope it can do that for you too.

XOXO- Lily Rancatore

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