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Beauty Battle

My love for Glossier overcomes most small afflictions I have with other brands and beauty companies. Their highlighter makes my skin dewy and their balm dotcom lip balm gives me the perfect everyday hydrated gloss. In this beauty battle, I will be comparing Glossier’s Cloud Paint liquid blush and Beautaniq Beauty Blush Serum. Glossier’s blush is $18 and Beautaniq’s is $16, so price wise they’re very similar. Upon receiving the Beautaniq blush in my February Ipsy Bag I was instantly intrigued because the packaging is EXACTLY like Glossier’s liquid blush. I had never heard of Beautaniq and honestly I’m not sure how I should be pronouncing it so I’m not going to try… but I did check out their website before using the product to see what their deal is. Soooo pleasantly surprised by Beautaniq Beauty’s mantra-

Beautaniq Beauty is a plant-based skincare brand that makes uncomplicated, effective, cruelty-free, natural skin care. The botanical ingredients we use harnesses the benefits of nature to genuinely protect, nourish and strengthen the skin, ensuring it is healthy, happy and glowing.

Plant based and cruelty-free means this entire brand is V E G A N (I’m not vegan but try to avoid companies that do animal testing because that’s nasty). Their products are also paraben, sulphate, DEA, and Mineral oil free. They also don’t use any synthetic fragrances or alcohol in any of their products. I’m so happy I found this skincare brand. They do everything they can do to be mindful of different skin types. My skin is super sensitive and this brand actually seems to care about their customers. Similarly, Glossier is cruelty-free. However, while a lot of Glossier’s products are vegan, their Cloud Paint contains carmine and collagen. So if you’re vegan and looking for a new blush, look no further and purchase Beautaniq’s blush. If you’re not vegan keep reading to find out who the winner is of this beauty battle. What initially drew me to Glossier was its emphasis on skincare. Their mantra being, “Skin First. Makeup Second.” Honestly- if you use Glossier’s entire skincare religiously you do notice SUCH a difference in your skin. I break out so infrequently and my skin is clear and glowing. My pores are clear, and face is hydrated. I love every product I have and really believe in them as a brand. I use Glossier’s liquid blush in the color Beam, it’s a little orange but their liquid consistency is easy to apply and lasts all night. Today I decided I wanted a more natural pink blush. I whipped out my new Beautaniq Beauty Blush Serum in Sunrise and omg WOW. The formula is everything. A little bit goes a long way, but it’s light and super buildable. I love the color and even put some on my nose (secret tip: blush on your nose gives you a more sun kissed look and it makes a huge difference). While I love the glossier formula and the color is great, the formula is nothing compared to Beautaniq’s liquid blush. Beautaniq’s blush is the clear winner and although I love Glossier and will continue using the products I have from there, I’m so excited to try out other products by Beautaniq.

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