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Let's get Glossy!

A natural makeup look that prevents skin from breaking out... every girls dream right?! Leave it to Glossier to deliver this enticing offer to their customers. Glossier is a makeup and skincare company/brand that is currently booming with business. Glossier’s main goal is to show off the beauty of the user by creating a low coverage, natural look on the face of the user, while still giving them an absolutely flawless glow! The brand prides itself on the fact that many of the employees were customers first. The company is constantly listening to suggestions that their users have on products that they would like to see. People begin to work for the brand because they want their ideas to come to life on perfecting skin, while still highlighting beauty. Glossier always delivers on these skin perfecting suggestions. After all, “Skin first. Makeup second.”

The brand has expanded enormously over the past few years. They started off with only a few products that could only be ordered online off of their website. Today, they have multiple stores open in major cities (one being New York) and more makeup and skin care products that could have ever been imagined at the start of the company. One of the first products, in which Glossier became very known for, was the Balm Dot Com skin salve. This is a universal balm that can be used on dry lips, cuticles, elbows,.. Dry ANYTHING basically! This is a big seller for the company and one of my personal favorites. The different flavors are fun and cute, and the packaging makes the product very portable.

Along with the glorious Balm Dot Com, Glossier has an extensive list of beauty products that people are in love with! The lip gloss, Lash stick, Skin perfecting tint, Wowder, Lidstar duo, Cloud paint, Stretch concealer, Haloscope highlighter, and Generation G matte lipstick are all phenomenal products! However, the number one best selling makeup product from Glossier, at the moment, is Boy Brow. This must-have product comes in four different shades, and works absolute wonders on shaping and filling your eyebrows! The product looks like mascara and works pretty similarly. Brush the small tip through your brows a few times, and you are ready to take on the day! Your brows look fuller after a quick use of Boy Brow!

The next largest category on Glossier’s website would have to be the skincare section. The products included here are an exfoliating skin perfector, priming moisturizer, soothing face mist, invisible shield sunscreen, two moisturizing face masks, three face serums all with their own special perfecting quality, and of course, the newest Glossier product, the Zitstick, which acts as a spot treatment! I personally love the priming moisturizer and am dying to try all of these other products!

However, the most crucial item to buy off of Glossier’s skincare store would have to be the Milky Jelly Cleanser! This product won best beauty produce from Allure magazine in 2017, and definitely lives up to its hype! I personally own this product and I could not live without it! The jelly texture feels amazing on your face and definitely does the job of cleansing and preventing breakouts! Just throw some priming moisturizer and Balm Dot Com on after the use of the cleanser, and you’re set for the day!


Clearly, Glossier has become an insanely well known brand that will only continue to grow. That little pink makeup bag brings so much joy to the faces of girls, young and old. This is a huge testament to Glossier. Not only have they created products that hide imperfections, they accept the fact that we all have imperfections, but are all still beautiful!


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