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Halloween szn is completely underway! From the jack-o-lanterns to the scarecrows the spookiness of the season is upon us! The big question (especially in college) is what you’ll dress up as for the infamous Halloweekend! But of course us college students are balling on a budget….especially when it comes to Halloween!

Why go out and buy multiple new articles of clothing/accessories for costumes when you have a perfectly good wardrobe right in your dorm?! Here are some cute and creative costumes that can be created completely from your wardrobe!:

Sandy from Grease

A black off the shoulder top, leggings, a black bomber jacket, and some lack boots are all you need to pull off the Sandy look! It’s as easy as that

A Despicable Me Minion

Overalls being in style comes in clutch for this costume! Just throw on a yellow       sweatshirt/top under your overalls and some converse on your feet and you’re all set to go out as a minion! (Goggles may be a little difficult to find but you’ll be surprised what people have when you ask around!)

Mean Girls Regina George

This may be one of the easiest costumes to create from your wardrobe! Throw on a skirt and cut some holes in a white tank with your favorite bra underneath! How easy is that?

Nickelback/ Quarterback

Correction *THIS* may be the easiest (and most clever) costume to create with your wardrobe. Throw on a t shirt and jeans and ask a friend to tape either a quarter or nickel to your back…..enough said

Candy Rapper

Keeping up with the creativity and simplicity, pull on a sweatshirt, jeans, and sneakers. Pull your hood up, throw on some shades, and tape candy wrappers to now have your costume and can enjoy the night!

Emoji of your choice

All that’s needed here from your wardrobe  is a yellow t shirt. Find some colored paper of even old clothes from your closet, cut them up, and fashion them into any Emoji you’d like! It’s that easy!

Risky Business

This is a classic but definitely does not call for any money out come out of the account! Throw on some spandex, a tank top, button down shirt, high socks, and of course those shades!

Sheet Ghost

This one could not be easier! Simply take an old white sheet, cut some eye holes, and call it a night! This definitely may not be the cutest option but definitely doesn’t require any money ro be spent :)

Black Cat

This classic is definitely do able with anyone’s wardrobe! Pick out some black pants, a black tee/sweatshirt, black sneakers/boots,draw on your whiskers, and grab your cat ears (or ask a friend to borrow)!

Football player

Got a football jersey? Throw that on and put some eye black under your eyes and you’re set for the night! Not even a dollar dropped!

These costumes are all a college student needs when trying to dress up for the nights of Halloweekend yet not wanting to drop any money! Enjoy your Halloweekend and stay safe!!!

***featured photo is Editor in Chief, Eleanor Davis’ DIY La Croix costume circa halloweekend 2017

Take a Risk.

Take a Risk.

Let's play dress up! DORM ROOM EDITION

Let's play dress up! DORM ROOM EDITION