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What's in My Bag: Beach Edition

What's in My Bag: Beach Edition

It’s my favorite time of the year, beach season! Whether you are there for the sand, sun, or shore, there is always something for everyone. To make your day more enjoyable, there are certain items that you NEED in your beach bag:

These are my quick picks for a beach day!

There is nothing worse than a sunburn... trust me, I know, and I’ll never make the mistake of frying again. To prevent and soothe bad burns, there are many products from the brand Sun Bum that will do the trick. My two faves for before and after the sun are the Original Sunscreen Spray - SPF 30 and the After the Sun Cool Down Lotion. Everyone obviously needs to protect themselves from the sun, to prevent skin cancer and premature aging, so sunscreen is a must. Although we try not to burn, we are human, and it happens! So, the cool down lotion is perfect to soothe your skin while preserving the tan you have from that long day at the beach.

Along with the sun’s rays affecting your skin, it could also do some damage to your eyes. This problem has a quick and cute fix: sunglasses. Rayban obviously has some really cute glasses; and by adding a polarized lens to any fun fame, you can protect your eyes and get cute an insta pic! Although the polarized lenses are more expensive, they have many benefits including eliminating glares, increasing visual clarity, enhancing contrast, and eliminating eye strain. When it comes to your eyes, I think a good pair of sunglasses is really important. A pair I really want to invest in at the moment is the round double bridge glasses from Ray Ban.  

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When soaking up the sun it honestly can get boring, a good way to keep entertained is with a speaker so you and all your friends can jam out. Any speaker will do, but I like to use the JBL charge speaker. It may be a little expensive, but it is definitely worth it! AND it’s waterproof, so it’s literally made for the beach.

Another great way to pass the time is to read a good book. There is nothing like laying down, listening to the waves, and feeling the salty breeze while you are reading. Since it's Summer, I know reading is the last thing you want to do after finals, but it can be relaxing and it’s good to keep your brain active. A book on my summer reading list is Girl Code by Cara Alwill Leyba. This book is said to be a total game changer and teaches girls that anything is possible. So, go and check out this book this summer!

Hydration is key when at the beach, the sun and the sea will suck the energy right out of you. Water should be your best friend! I don’t know about you, but my water needs to be cold, especially when it’s so hot outside. I know everyone is overhyping the hydro flask, but I actually prefer the Takeya 32oz actives insulated water bottle. This water bottle has a leak proof insulated spout lid, which is way more sanitary than its competitors. Not only is this water bottle practical, but it also comes in many cute colors.   

Until next time, hang ten!


Sophia Rainone

Your fashion questions, ANSWERED.

Your fashion questions, ANSWERED.