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Your fashion questions, ANSWERED.

Your fashion questions, ANSWERED.

I don’t know when or how it happened- but it did. I get FaceTime calls and texts from people everyday about what they can wear, and what they can’t. “Can I wear white jeans after labor day,” and “does this navy sweater go with these black jeans,” “Should I buy these?” I didn’t ask for this and honestly my very modest style doesn’t scream fashionista the way I wish it would sometimes… but never the less, the questions are asked and answered. So here are the biggest fashion questions, answered. Listen if you want, ignore me if you really want, but this is what I believe.

  1. White Jeans past labor day?

    Yes. You cannot actually tell me that I can’t wear white after labor day. I would like to propose a new rule, wear your white jeans until your tan fades but if you want to wear them in the dead of winter go for it, I’ll applaud.

  2. Black and Navy?

    There is a line. A very fine line. Don’t trip and fall over it, because you’ll look like you actually got dressed in the dark (or as I say to my friends, “You look like a bruise.”). Be careful- but go for it and if you’re having trouble figuring out how to do it, try and find a piece of clothing that already incorporates both colors. This is your best bet for a seemly easy transition into how to not look like a bruise.

  3. Should I buy this?

    Odds are if you’re asking me if you should buy something- you already know the answer. My friends and I go shopping a lot, so this question is very common. Unless what you’re holding up looks like a dead cat or like it got run over by an 18 wheeler- Yes. My answer is yes. This summer I fell in love with a pair of sunglasses. I’ve never actually been in love- but these sunglasses and I, we made sense. I dragged my brother to the mall, sent him rayban try-on selfies, I was obsessed and wanted them so badly. I had been working a lot and had the money, the only question was… how could I possibly need these, when I own at least 15 pairs of sunglasses. Anyways I ended up buying them (shockerrrrr). As soon as I put them on any buyers remorse disappeared. So buy it if you love it. People say money can’t make you happy, and I agree. However- sunglasses make me happy. Swipe the card, dig for change, pay with crumbled up bills- if you love it buy it.

  4. What items are you willing to spend a lot on, and what can you shop more frugally for?

    Anyone who knows me knows this. I spend about 50% of all my clothing and apparel budget on sunglasses and shoes. I really do have a problem with this and I know it’s absurd because I don’t need 5 pairs of white sneakers but nevertheless I they exist in my closet. Sunglasses, I’ve discovered are something you should really invest in. While I do have a few pairs that are cheap and have somehow lasted being thrown in bags… brands like Rayban, Quay, and Fendi makes amazing sunglasses that actually last and will always look nice. I own the most pairs of raybans because of their policy on always adjusting them for free in store. I abuse this policy. It’s ok.

  5. What brand are you wearing?

    Madewell. Always Madewell. My jeans are madewell, my sweaters are made well too, yup that bra is madewell, and so is that necklace. (I’m a madewell insider which means I get discounts, free hemming, a birthday gift, and other fun and cool things. I highly recommend this.) Madewell is a great brand- They recycle jeans which means you can bring in a pair of jeans, no matter the brand or that huge hole you ripped in the butt- and get $20 towards your next pair of jeans. Last thing, bring your school ID for 15% off your entire purchase and thank me later.

  6. What’s in right now?

    Gold jewelry is everywhere right now. Layers of dainty necklaces, big hoop earrings, drop earrings, simple studs- it it’s gold, it’s good. I only wear gold, so this is easy for me, but if you want to hot on the bandwagon I recommend buying a lot of cheap gold jewelry. Top Shop, Zara, Forever 21, Madewell, and JCrew have inexpensive gold jewelry. Another trend that is huge right now is snakeskin. Personally- I’m not a huge animal print girl but I love how fun and versatile this print is.

I hope this article helps someone. Rules are meant to be broken and everyone has their own style. Wear what makes you feel beautiful and powerful.

All my love,

Eleanor Davis, Editor in Chief

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