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Let's play dress up! DORM ROOM EDITION

Let's play dress up! DORM ROOM EDITION

After being home for 3 months for the summer, every college student is dying to move back into school as early as possible. Having a clean, cute, and comfortable dorm room is essential when you are living away from your parents, and your cozy bed at home, for more than half of the year. For some people a comforter, TV, and maybe one poster is all they really need for their dorm room decor. For others, girls especially, it takes multiple photo collages, tapestries, mirrors, lights, cute pillows, etc. for the room to really come together. If you are going into your Freshman Year of college and you have absolutely no idea what to get to make your dorm look and feel like home, here are the four necessities:


As much as making sure your decorations are spot on in your dorm, you being comfortable in your bed is the most important part of your room. Two things you definitely have to buy are a mattress pad and cozy sheets. Having not only one, but multiple throw pillows are very nice to have when you want to comfortably read, study, or binge watch Netflix. Blankets are also a must when it starts to gets cold on campus. Bed Bath & Beyond is the place to go if you want a simple, yet cute, comforter, pillows, and blankets!


From having a tapestry in my dorm room all of Freshman Year and now Sophomore Year, it saved me a lot of stress of having to decorate a huge wall space next to my bed. Also, we have cinder block walls in the dorms, so it’s nice to have the tapestry to cover more than half of the wall. Tapestries come in all different designs and patterns that you can choose from. There are a wide variety of options, like TV show characters, quotes, nature scenes, and mandalas. The websites that I think sell the best tapestries and posters are RedBubble, Amazon, Etsy, and PBTeen.


The most popular dorm decoration has to be pictures. Pictures hung on string, pictures that are scattered in frames, and pictures placed on walls are very popular in dorm rooms. The easiest way to print out pictures is by downloading the Walgreens app. You can print the pictures you want right from your phone before you move in, or have them sent to be printed to the Walgreens in Fairfield. Trust me, seeing pictures in your dorm of your favorite people will definitely make a bad day better and cure homesickness.


I know what you are probably thinking, why would you need to buy extra lights for your room? Well, you will thank me later when it’s close to midnight and you’re studying for your big exam with your desk lamp that won’t wake up your roommate. String lights are also very popular and are such a cute addition for around your pictures or tapestry.

With these four essential items, I guarantee that your dorm room will be the best looking one on your floor! Here are some websites you can visit that will have all of these essentials:

Check out these sites!